Queercon 13 Contests: Soundcheck

03 Nov 2016


This past summer Queercon (@queercon) hosted two contests: Soundcheck by Stemodity and Queercon plus the Badge Challenge (found on the app stores, download it!) by Subterfuge (@sidechannel_org) and d4em0nSp4wn. Both contests have had write ups done such as the badge challenge by Subterfuge officially and Soundcheck by Vivi Langga (@vivieturtle). The intent of this post is primarily to go through a rundown of how I approached both contests as a way to introduce how I think of challenges.

Unfortunately this got to be a bit longer than expected hence the split into two separate posts.

Thanks and hot apple cider

I’d love to thank d4em0nSp4wn for listening to me panicking while rushing to solve them and cheering me on; Subterfuge for the darling contest and inspiring me to continue forward with my graph paper and pens too for future challenges and someday my own puzzle making; Gabe Edwards (@gabedwrds) for being a phenomenal hacker (who by the way is an extraordinary contest solver and CTF-er) and with Kyle (@eiais) for all the long hours of complaining, help, and discussion about the contests with me; ending of course with Queercon for being an organisation I love dearly and hosting the contests.

How I approach challenges

No matter what the challenge is—a contest, real life situations, anything—I go to the two basic things that are always close to me: graph paper journal and pens. I abhor lined paper and pencils as I believe one should always be sure on their actions and/or cautious and if it was wrong: own up to it. You can’t erase something you’ve done as you already took the time and effort to do it so why act like you can on paper, too?

Immediately after I’ll write down everything that is already known if possible. After that it depends on the scenario. I’ll sometimes doodle and jot down random notes to myself.

I try to refrain from using computers if possible outside of Google-ing things unless it is required. It’s not so much that I don’t want to code it as I don’t feel satisfactory of my work on a screen compared to the feeling of wholeness and happiness in my hands. It feels like an easy way out which isn’t nearly half as fun.


A beat to make you dance!

Do you like music? Have a good ear? Check out this hot beat from Stemodity. Get prizes!

Listen closely! Good luck!

Stemodity - Crypto

I should warn ahead if you have a dog near you: don’t listen to that out loud without headphones. (Chicken) Nugget went insane and whined a whole lot, don’t be like me, keep your dogs happy!

So the first thing I did was listen to the song. A lot. I wanted to know every single part of the song so I could refer back to any single part of it immediately. That and to see if I could just audibly figure it out. Eventually I slowed the song down until I could figure out where the high frequency tone was at (thanks Nugget for helping with the general timing of it the first time).

Once I get access to an actual scanner I’ll re-do the photographs of my journal. Sorry!

Highlighted are the lengths of how long the tones went for. I did five lines for the five times it occurred in the song with it going down to the seconds and increments of .2 seconds. Initially I thought it had to be Morse code and tried to go by the length of how long it would occur for. Due to the lengths of time being fairly close I tried to think of every option when I couldn’t tell if it was short or long.

I kept trying to figure it out assuming it was still Morse code. Eventually I was told, "Houston we have a problem," and that I was near Jupiter. I was definitely frustrated, had looked into stego but it hadn't clicked in, and spent a lot of time generally anxious. In the end stego was the correct route. I used VLC and being on a Macbook Pro I tried three different programs until I could actually get something that worked for me (AudioXplorer finally did it for me).

Now all I had to do was simply figure out which cipher it was. I knew it had to be SA13=QC13 because it was going to be Queercon 13 this year. I tried a few different ciphers, messed up the final cipher (Playfair), kept going, and got upset at myself.

Gabe did confirm that it was most definitely on the Rumkin page which made me spiral into a lump of anxiety of not being able to solve it (yet).

Eventually I did get the final answer.


Lessons learned from this

Time management

I spent too much time (e.g. listening to the song for a few hours) on things that weren’t necessary.


With Soundcheck and the Badge Contest I was too focused on everyone else and where they were that I got distracted and let my anxiety take over. Since then I’ve taken a step back, recognized it held me back quite a bit, and now am much more comfortable. “Losing” is only losing if you don’t learn from it and I learned quite a bit from this.

Utilize all the tools even if it isn’t what you want

Had I not been stubborn trying to solve only with graph paper and pen I likely would have finished much, much, sooner.

Sometimes the difficulty is the simplicity of it

Looking back at this challenge I made it much more complex in my mind than it was.

Relaxing and taking breaks

Coming back to the problem later after some time away makes it more clearer than in the rush of the moment when in frustration.

I already had reserved a QC13 badge so ultimately the prize was the satisfaction of getting the challenge.

That and a cute song to listen to (with headphones on).