To the Start from the End

31 Oct 2016

The last few weeks has been a rush towards today, tomorrow, and the days after. After relaxing in Providence and Boston yesterday I am now in NYC. To be 1 of 13 phenomenal scholarship recipients for the O’Reilly Security Conference has been an honour. I also recognise I have much more to prove with this.

Intersectionality I am—as a nontraditional individual educationally, queer, trans, nonbinary, a person of colour—distinctly privileged and disadvantaged in many facets of life. To not have any obligation to uphold but my own survival I am free to explore the world. While I have not pursued higher education I had access to a good education. I am privileged to know where to find resources when I need them, to know what is out there for me to be interested in. Many of my social and political beliefs come from a place of privilege, something I am coming to terms with. I am unapologetic of who I am. For many across the world that is a death sentence. Even here in the states.

I am grateful to have been exposed to phenomenal hackers and activists, many of whom I call my friends with much love, from a young age. Privacy, encryption, the internet, these are all things I have grown up with this being my normal. It is hard to understand for me that this isn’t the norm. The media and the general public get these things wrong on a frequent basis.

It is mind boggling that even the very root of the things that I am in love with is misunderstood. Perhaps that is why I am unwavering in my belief that these “complex” topics can be made accessible to everyone. I refuse to believe in “heroes” and “rock stars” in the security world. If someone is heralded and is viewed as irreplaceable something has gone wrong.

The masking of information and knowledge under a fog from the community and general public is something I abhor. If the general public cannot protect themselves from basic attacks and view basic methods of protecting oneself “hacking”, we have messed up.

So what is the point of this post?

To start the next chapter of my life sharing transparently my beliefs.

Is it naivety, youthfulness, idealism? Or is it more than that with the intertwining of society and technology meshing together into the future. I do not believe we can survive in a future where the vast majority misunderstand the basics of what is moving us forward.

I understand making my stances known so clearly is also controversial. Especially when it comes at a time I am now actively seeking for a paid internship or entry level position. One should be able to, however, respect someone else even if there is a divide in opinion so long as there is full transparency on both sides of the issue. This is something I believe in strongly.

Here’s to the start from the end of whatever uncertainty there was of my past and is to my future. Welcome to my little world.