Oh golly hi, my name is Avi!

This is my face



I write mostly inJavaScript, Python, Ruby

I'm working on and/or can write inJava, Go, C, x86 Assembly (AT&T, Intel), Rust


HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, React, Electron


Node.js, Express, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, REST APIs, webpack, npm


Git, Mercurial, GitHub, TravisCI, Heroku, Mocha, Chai, Enzyme

Things I'm into

Hardware and software reverse engineering, malware, software development, public transit, running around conferences like BSidesDC, Cryptovillage, and TOOOL, correcting folks on how to pronounce "Kubernetes" at Hush



Find and match with developers to assemble teams for projects.

Cohort of Thrones with Rabbits in Wonderland

An app of dashboards for managing students and pairs.

Graph It

Create bar and line graphs simply with easy sharing.

Things I've done

Queercon 14 Contest Writeup

I won Subterfuge's crypto contest for Queercon 14 at DEF CON this past year by hand, avoiding technology as much as possible outside of Google-ing things, learning how to scan and read BLE scans, scanning a QR code.

Release the KRACKen: WPA2 Wi-Fi Encryption Hackable Until All Clients & APs Are Patched

I swear I didn't choose the title. I wrote an article on KRACK under a pseudonym for WonderHowTo's Null Byte (I'm no longer writing for them hence going public).

Kids Crypto

I taught a class at the BSidesDE 2017 Spawn-Kids Village.

Play Date at the Airlines

A paper I wrote with an introduction to airlines and airline linguistics, airline and employee culture, why problems exist and persist, suggested steps moving forward.

Alice - DEF CON 24 Short Story Contest

My short story won second place for DEF CON 24's Short Story Contest.

Working on things


A fork of Pi-hole Web. I've been asked to work on it and also contribute to the original project.

Malware Analysis - CSCI 4976

I am going through the 2015 course from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute working through their curriculum with labs, reading material (primarily Practical Malware Analysis from No Starch Press).

HacDC SpaceBlimp

We're launching some payloads soon! Been involved since November 2017. Primarily volunteering as a ham operator for launch/recovery, organising, planning meetings, etc. Hopefully hardware reverse engineer a few boards and re-do them in EAGLE before launches.


Currently I've got some minor work done in Golang.


I accidentally did Global Game Jam alone beginning day 2 so this is all I've got for now. I'll be actually converting it to PhaserJS once I have time!

About me!

developer, crypto nerd, breaking everything

I love rabbits, cheesecake, and cute things! My life is prime numbers, triangles, half diamond lockpicks, crypto, eating chocolate. Some of my most favourite things to do is chase after telephone wires and ride the 7000-series trains in DC.

When I'm not making or breaking stuff I love to drink hot apple cider and cry a lot because of how cute rabbits and corgis are.

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