Oh golly hi, my name is Avi!

This is my face



I write mostly inTypeScript, JavaScript, Python, Ruby

I can work+write inGo, C++, C, x86 Assembly (AT&T), Rust

Things I'm into

Cryptography, privacy+security activism, FOSS, software development, hardware and software reverse engineering, malware, public transit, making things easily accessible and understandable to the general public, running around conferences like BSidesDC, Cryptovillage, and TOOOL, correcting folks on how to pronounce "Kubernetes" at Hush



The Mobius Project is an abusability testing project to combat platform abuse (intentional and unintentional) with: a framework to define abusability testing and platform abuse; a searchable and filterable database to aggregate historical instances of abuse so teams can assess and mitigate the ways their features can cause harm. Mobius is 1 of 27 projects that won the 2020 Big Ideas Contest Award Winners out of over 400 applications this year.

Macaron Canary

A warrant canary project originally introduced at ShmooCon 2019 with an overall historical timeline of NSLs and warrant canaries; create generic warrant canary examples specifying risk information; profiles of existing providers categorised by type, based off web scraping and user input to determine warrant canary statuses (N/A, stable, lean stable, lean unstable, unstable). Currently in-progress of re-writing the project due to the accidental deletion of everything.

Rabbit Board

A cute board running on an ATTiny84A with a button and LED, source code is easily customisable for any purpose.


A finished USB in-system programmer for AVR microcontrollers with 3D printed case.

Things I've done

A Little Birdy Told Me About Your Warrants - ShmooCon 2019 Talk

An overview on the history and current state of warrant canaries; why they were abandoned by some from public and tech policy discussions, transparency reports, and other methods of notifying users on their privacy in relation to requests of user data by law enforcement due to perceived past failures and being experimental untested legal theories but shouldn’t be; and the future (that I see) in warrant canaries.

GNOME Internship

I was an Outreachy for GNOME intern working on GJS (GNOME's JavaScript language binding) and GObject Introspection (GNOME's middleware for language bindings)! A high level overview can be found here.

Queercon 14 Contest Writeup

I won Subterfuge's crypto contest for Queercon 14 at DEF CON this past year by hand, avoiding technology as much as possible outside of Google-ing things, learning how to scan and read BLE scans, scanning a QR code.

Release the KRACKen: WPA2 Wi-Fi Encryption Hackable Until All Clients & APs Are Patched

I swear I didn't choose the title. I wrote an article on KRACK under a pseudonym for WonderHowTo's Null Byte (I'm no longer writing for them hence going public).

Kids Crypto

I taught a class at the BSidesDE 2017 Spawn-Kids Village.

Play Date at the Airlines

A paper I wrote with an introduction to airlines and airline linguistics, airline and employee culture, why problems exist and persist, suggested steps moving forward.

Alice - DEF CON 24 Short Story Contest

My short story won second place for DEF CON 24's Short Story Contest.

Working on things


Currently I've got some minor work done in Golang.

About me!

developer, crypto nerd, breaking everything

I love rabbits, cheesecake, and cute things! My life is prime numbers, triangles, half diamond lockpicks, crypto, eating chocolate. Some of my most favourite things to do is chase after telephone wires and ride the 7000-series trains in DC.

When I'm not making or breaking stuff I love to drink hot apple cider and cry a lot because of how cute rabbits and corgis are.

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