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avi zajac

Communicating about myself has always been a struggle. I'd like to warn I'm transparent, blunt, and also very easy to see through. Whether that is a strength or leaves me to be seen as a very vulnerable person is up to you. This is a good introduction on things.

I fell in love with security as a child. I branch myself into anything that is cute to me. At the same time this has spread myself quite thin. This has been a challenge and one I have been tackling.

This is what I am interested in and self-studying (in alphabetical order):

Assembly, Arch, binary reverse engineering, computer forensics, cryptography, digital fabrication, Kali, locksport, malware analysis, penetration testing, Python, web development

I am seeking for a paid internship or entry level position.

My ultimate goal is to be on an active red team. I love understanding a system, finding things, and creating lovely things from it. This I have decided is the best way to help make the world better, benefit a wide range of folks, and make things more efficient.


I love rabbits, cheesecake, and cute things. Crypto puzzles, locksport, postcards, are all things I love dearly. Human rights activist. I love public transit and airlines. I listen to a lot of music. I will pet your dog. I count up prime numbers while walking home on a chilly night with hot apple cider.

I'm naturally cheerful. I eat a lot of dessert. I really am bad at stuff like this because I don't know how to talk about myself so I recommend meeting me instead over hot apple cider. People tell me I make a lot more sense that way rather than over the internet.

Due to my nature of being drawn to anything cute I like a wide and random assortment of things. Message me if you want to throw anything my way whether that's advice, (constructive) criticism, challenge me on things, cute puzzles, or really just about anything.