Chess and Gluten Free Blarghness

19 Dec 2016


1.) d4

Queen’s Pawn Game. You can probably point at Subterfuge’s Queercon badge contest for solidifying that one but regardless I’ve decided it’s my favourite opening and am holding steady on that. It was also the first move of the World Chess Championships in NYC on 11 November by Magnus Carlsen, the reigning world chess champion. Sergey Karjakin played it in game 7 when he opened as white. It was the beginning of Carlsen’s undoing when he played it as white also in game 8 where the draws streak ended with a loss to Karjakin (he did recover in game 10 with a win against Karjakin). Queen’s Pawn Game 3 of 16 games total (12 full control games, 4 tiebreaker rapid games): that’s 18.75% of the games.

Nah, I haven’t had a change of heart on security/infosec/etc.

Two months. The third month just began of this experiment I began in October to break into security as I am right now.

I’ve come to accept that right now I don’t have the qualifications for a specialised security job or internship which I am alright with. It’ll take me a bit more time however long that’ll be as I realise most folks go traditional with four years at universities or colleges and still have a hard time finding jobs after. I’m going to have to narrow down what I really want to focus on for now instead of being a spread out generalist as I naturally am with a lot of oftentimes odd or sporadic amounts of knowledge on things. After my first technical interview (which, excuse or not, I was told it was something completely different but got interviewed instead for network security…) I know what I need to work on.

Beyond beginning to work out the electronic schematic and working with Emily to prototyping the Beyond Binaries badge I’ve been predominantly working on reading things. I’ve always struggled with terminolgy and vocabulary as I do everything by hands on experience so that’s now a goal to work on while filling in gaps of knowledge.

Life last month felt like the uncivil crudeness and disorder of a rapid chess game with being dragged down to a level we shouldn’t be at. We had the numbers, it really should have been a set game, […] except we still got put into a draw like that 2nd rapid game where Carlsen definitely had that mate in 51 moves had it been a classical game. /sarcasm

A draw nonetheless for Carlsen anyways.

I’m thankful for 1. d4, hotlines, and a lot of folks who reached out to me all month of November.

Quite a lot of people get “winter blues” during the winter. Except for me December through early March tend to be my most happy and productive periods. Probably because I don’t have to take Zyrtec or Claritin every day. My November was probably akin to a lot of people’s late February’s and early March’s.

Maybe someday all of this will make sense to me. Who knows. I surely don’t yet.

Gluten Free Blarghness

Why is gluten free food so terrible. I want to eat the most atrocious calorie junk filled foods with normal textures. You know, like everyone else. Just remove the gluten so my immune system doesn’t hate me. It’s already a curse having a very limited ability to taste or smell things, now having to find gluten free food? Do I seriously need to suffer in ‘healthy’ bland terrible texture world, too? My hypersensitivity to texture is more apparent than ever now.

Dante’s Hell

The Jimmy’s Cookies brand ‘Paleo Cookies’ with chocolate chunk in them. Nope. I won’t even go after the entire ‘paleo’ part of it, it was just the most horrifying soggy awful texture. It should never have existed in the first place. The Pillsbury Devil’s Food Cake Mix? Unless you drown it in ice cream it’s insufferable with the grainy sandy texture. I even drowned a piece in Sriracha which was the only way I could down it.

This one makes me sad since I love rabbits but Annie’s Rice Shells & Creamy White Cheddar was a living nightmare sequence for me. Maybe it’s because I set myself up for failure as I don’t typically go for white cheddar with mac and cheese and white rice freaks me out. Who knows. All I know is that it reminded me of white rice gelatinous goop, the texture was a complete nope. I’m going to have nightmares for a while on that one.


Amy’s Rice Mac & Cheese I’d be alright with but occasionally a bite will remind me of the rice texture of the noodles and freak me out. Not a good sensation for me but it’s probably a godsend for anyone else. Nothing can really replace gluten in noodles so far.

So that’s it. If anyone has recommendations on gluten free food please send it my way as I’m desperate to eat something that actually is good. Really don’t understand why people make gluten free ‘healthy’ when it’s just an ingredient change. Please just make it delicious I plead to you gluten-free manufacturers out there.